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Exhibitor Preview: Inovonics Brings New Stuff to Vegas

"There is definitely some buzz about the NAB this year and how attendance will be up"

Gary Luhrman casual photoThis is one in a series of updates with exhibitors who will be at the spring NAB Show, about their plans for the convention. Gary Luhrman is sales and marketing manager for Inovonics, which will be in Booth W2535 .

Radio World: Gary, what’s the most important technical change or issue for radio right now?

Gary Luhrman: Remote broadcasting has matured a lot with new products and services. I think this trend accelerated during the pandemic when broadcasters really had to get creative to find solutions for broadcasting remotely. For Inovonics, our remote monitoring products became very popular for radio engineers who had restricted access to facilities and couldn’t travel like in normal times.

RW: How would you characterize the equipment and service economy, how is business?

Luhrman: Inovonics is doing pretty well right now. We managed to navigate through this difficult period of pandemics and logistics. I feel like we are on the other side of this now with new problem-solving products that broadcasters need.

RW: What impact, if any, is your company facing from the supply chain issues and cost increases we’ve been reading about for so long?

Luhrman: These days, supply chain issues are a common thread for all manufacturers, affecting availability and costs of components, production schedule  and delivery times. Inovonics is no exception, but we have managed to keep our production schedule humming, thanks to careful planning and a very resourceful purchasing department. As a result, Inovonics continues to have product on the shelf for fast order turnaround times. This has been advantageous for us when other manufacturers are unable to deliver.

RW: What news will Inovonics feature at the convention, any new products?

Luhrman: Since the last NAB, when we introduced the 551 and 552 HD Radio Modulation Monitors, Inovonics has not slowed down in new product development. At NAB 2023 we will be introducing two products that are already in very advanced stages. We will be showing the 541 FM Modulation Monitor and 611 Streaming Monitor. Both of these mark a new generation of models to our current lineup — all-digital, with the latest processing technology.

Inovonics 611 Stream Monitor
Inovonics 611 Streaming Monitor

RW: What are you hearing from clients about whether more people will come this year?

Luhrman: There is definitely some buzz about the NAB this year and how attendance will be up. This may be based on the experience at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, which reported attendance of about 70% of pre-pandemic levels. But most of the customers and manufacturers that I speak with say they will be there, even if they do not have a booth as in pre-pandemic times.

RW: What else will you be watching for?

Luhrman: I will be watching closely to see how many international visitors attend the show. Most of the travel restrictions have been lifted, and it’s much easier to travel than last year’s NAB. Also, I’m always on the lookout for new products and opportunities for collaborations with other manufacturers and dealers.