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Woods Communications Puts ARC NOW to Work

Burk remote control systems will be highlighted at NAB Show

From our Who’s Buying What page: Drew Woods, VP of operations at Woods Communications Corp., installed a Burk Technology ARC NOW system for remote control at Alabama TV stations WCOV, WIYC and WALE. 

The implementation for WALE is shown.

Burk says ARC NOW is suitable for radio and TV applications. “Burk’s product experts will configure your ARC Plus or ARC Solo system for you, complete with monitoring and control points, automated functions using Jet Active Flowcharts, email and text alarm notification lists, periodic log capture, report distribution and a comprehensive AutoPilot custom user interface,” the company states.

ARC NOW services include configuration of ARC Plus and ARC Solo remote control units, creation of AutoPilot Custom Views and system automation setup using Jet Active Flowcharts. 

The company will be at the NAB Show, Booth W2753.

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