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Sinatra: Performance Royalty Is Justified and Fair

Makes comparison of U.S. policy to those of North Korea, Iran and China.

Nancy Sinatra, recording artist and daughter of Frank, testified in favor of the performance royalty on behalf of MusicFirst, a coalition of more than 13 music industry groups.

In prepared testimony, Sinatra stated: “My father championed the cause of all recording artists, the vast middle class of singers and musicians. … It was, for him, not only a matter of principle or decency, but of simple logic that all artists need to earn a living if they are to carry on.

“The fact that the United States remains the only developed country in the world that does not compensate performers when their music is played on the air, keeping company in this regard with North Korea, Iran and China probably says it all right there.”

She continued: “The truth is few who undertake a career in music achieve mega-star status. Some are like me, a couple of dozen hits, some touring opportunities and, if you get a big enough name, radio will play your songs but only if they believed it would help them sell advertising.”

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