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SiPort Ships One Million+ HD Radio Receiver ICs

SP1010 can be used in small form factors

SiPort says it has shipped more than a million HD Radio receiver chips for use in mobile consumer products.

The company specializes in power-economizing chips that can be used in small form factors like navigation devices, cell phones and MP3 players; its SP1010 is used in several mobile media player platforms, including the Microsoft Zune HD.

In digital data services modes, the Santa Clara-based company says the SP1010 receives broadcast signals from an antenna, demodulates and decrypts the data received and sends out the decoded data stream to an external host processor for displaying the new content.

SiPort is all about bringing digital radio to the masses, according to President/CEO Dave Rolston, who was named to the post in February after taking over from a founder and interim CEO Aiman Kabakibo.

“Our approach is to use SiPort’s architectural and silicon engineering expertise to deliver high-performance, low power receivers that are compatible with a volume semiconductor business model to serve large consumer markets,” stated Rolston.