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Slovenia Suggests Switchover Date

Country’s broadcasting council sets preliminary DSO date for 2022

Slovenia’s Broadcasting Council, Svet za radiodifuzijo-SRDF, is eyeing Feb. 2, 2022 as the date for the country’s digital radio switchover.

According to the minutes of a meeting held late last year, the Broadcasting Council said it would “advocate for the date of transition from the FM network to DAB+ as soon as possible.” The Council proposes the 2022 date, which it said, coincides with the timing of other proposed transitions within the framework of the updated legislation.

Slovenia initially tested DAB+ in 2013 in the capital city of Ljubljana and officially launched digital radio in 2016. Today the country has 12 DAB+ services on-air covering more than 70 percent of the population. 

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The network is powered by seven medium-power transmitters, covering urban areas and highways.

Agencija za komunikacijska omrežja in storitve Republike Slovenije-AKOS, the nation’s Agency for Communication Networks and Services of the Republic of Slovenia, issued licenses for 13 DAB+ stations, which include four stations from public broadcaster RTV and nine other stations.