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Social Media and Radio

Techsurvey 10 takes a gander at social media

Unless you’re living under a radio rock, you know that social media is just about all the kids talk about … or tweet about.

So Jacobs Media, in their recent Techsurvey10, try to get a handle on social media usage amongst radio listeners.

According to the results, in the big picture, Facebook (95%) is far and away the top social media for radio listeners who have gone to the trouble of creating a profile. LinkedIn (56%) and Google+ and Twitter (both 51%) trailed but still tallied over 50%. Pinterest (41%), Instagram (35%) and MySpace (28%) had, one might say, respectable presences while no other, Tumblr, Snapchat, Vine, et al, finished over 15%.

Jacobs notes that in Techsurvey10, for the first time, they began to delve into daily use of social media by radio listeners. For that, Facebook completely dominated with 73% of radio listeners, who had a profile, using it on a daily basis. Nothing else finished over 15% (Instagram and Twitter).

For the so-called Generation Z (22 years old and younger), not surprisingly, social media is a major occupier of time and effort. Facebook still dominated but Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat were much closer in their profile creation and daily use numbers.

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