Software Companies Make FCC Database User-Friendly

Software Companies Make FCC Database User-Friendly
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Accurate power geographic coordinates, antenna height and authorized frequency information can be found at The FCC placed this information on its Web site so that it can be used for coverage predictions, interference studies and other uses.
Slattery Software and SoftWright have combined efforts to make the information accessible for engineers who want to calculate radio coverage and microwave path design.
On July 15, both companies plan to release a new version of their software that uses the open architecture Facilities Exchange File format to facilitate the transfer of FCC records directly to users. The companies say their software provides engineers with a way to view the date and process radio coverage maps, microwave path design and intermodulation studies. For more information, go to or


Engineers Bemoan FCC Database

WASHINGTON Engineers and attorneys who use the FCC broadcast database say the system has major flaws, despite efforts by the agency to improve the database.