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SoftWright Has HDSpectrum Software for TAP Users

SoftWright released a new version of its HDSpectrum software.

SoftWright released a new version of its HDSpectrum software.

Users of the company’s Terrain Analysis Package can now view their transmitted and received frequency spectrum in the graphical form of a spectrum analyzer using the TAP HDSpectrum interface.

SoftWright says in the past, intermodulation software often was accused of generating reams of paper output that no one really examined. The company has been developing and enhancing its intermod software to make its output more meaningful.

HDSpectrum lets users analyze potential intermod products, as well as the participating frequencies that can create problems. It can properly consider broadcast, simplex, half-duplex and full-duplex facilities.

The software also takes into account the deviation of the transmitted frequencies and user-specified bandwidth around a protected or received frequency. The company says this provides a more conservative protection than considering only the direct frequencies causing the destructive intermod products.

The new feature is provided to customers at no charge provided they have the TAP Intermod module as part of their TAP system, and a current maintenance subscription.

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