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Some CRL Models Discontinued

Some CRL Models Discontinued

If you own or are a fan of Circuit Research Labs products, this item will be of interest.
Some older models are being eliminated from the Orban/CRL lineup, effective Oct. 1, and the manufacturer is narrowing the list of parts available for older models.
“In servicing very old equipment that has become obsolete because of technological improvements, we feel we are doing our customers a disservice by keeping outdated equipment working long past its useful life,” Customer Service Manager Scot McDougal said in the announcement, adding that parts unavailability makes service of some units impossible.
“All of the equipment for which support is being terminated has been replaced with newer, more powerful Orban/CRL processing … Most parts are still available for these older CRL units and may be ordered from CRL. Parts that CRL no longer has available were most likely discontinued by the manufacturers some time ago.”
For a list of CRL equipment along with support and parts status, go here, then click on Press Releases.