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Spotify Notes Business Moves

Free on Windows Phone; adds speaker/home audio partners

Spotify announced an update to its mobile version this week and has made it free on Microsoft’s Windows Phone.

Users can shuffle-play all music, or just favorite artists or various browsable playlists. The Premium version will continue to be available for paid listening with no ads. The on-demand digital music service says it has 40 million active users, with 10 million paying.

Separately, the company announced updates to its Connect service, which allows users to play tracks through speakers, controlled wirelessly from a Spotify app on a mobile device.

Spotify Connect is available on about 80 speakers and home audio systems. The company announced the addition of Bose, Panasonic and Gramofon.

It also said Philips TVs with Android are the first smart TVs enabled for Spotify Connect, so a user can listen to music from the TV, controlled from a smartphone, tablet or the TV remote. Spotify hopes to expand its presence in the smart TV niche.

It also said Spotify Connect is now available on certain multi-room systems, allowing users to group several speakers in a home to play the same music. If a family has several Spotify users, they can stream music from different accounts in different rooms.