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StationDigital Aims for Attention

New Internet audio streamer offers “Listener Rewards”

Ready for another Internet audio streamer?

Yes or no, StationDigital is on its way. However, the streamer realizes that it needs a gimmick to stand out.

“Listener Rewards,” is that edge (so it hopes). According to a release, registered listeners can accrue points for every hour they listen and via sharing songs and playlists. Registration and listening are free, the release said. An online store will be where points can be redeemed. The release says the streamer has a library of 30 million songs.

StationDigital CEO and Founder Tim Roberts explained that the operation was the result of years of research and that it “designed to revolutionize the Internet radio business, and lead the way in the evolution of Internet radio from a music-only platform to a totally free, ad-supported, comprehensive digital media service platform that offers not only music, but movies, video games, e-books and TV, as well.”

Roberts added, “We understand that it’s a competitive market in Internet radio … and people want everything for free, so that’s exactly what we’ve modeled our business to give them, and we’re taking it a step farther and actually giving them back tangible rewards to thank them for their loyalty and their business.”