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Stitcher Integrates With Mazda 3

News, talk, sports Internet audio service now on-demand in Mazda 3 with app

In-car entertainment options are proliferating, and as more vehicles with built-in apps hit the road, consumers are becoming more reliant on these personalized listening options. With that in mind, on-demand Internet news, talk, sports audio service Stitcher is now integrated with Mazda 3 vehicles.

Drivers can access episodes of their favorite radio programs, create playlists and stream them to the vehicle’s infotainment system using the Stitcher Radio App.

Stitcher is now integrated in more than 50 automotive models and 4 million vehicles, like Ford, GM, Mini, BMW, and other Mazda vehicles, allowing drivers to access their content on-the-go. “Over 40% of Stitcher users are listening in the car, and the average American commute is one hour each day and rising,” says Stitcher Co-Founder and CEO Noah Shanok.

With the Stitcher Radio App, Mazda 3 drivers can browse a total of 18,000 shows, podcasts, and live stations as well as create and update personalized stations. Features include pause, resume and skip. You can also stop and resume shows on your mobile phone or the next time you hop in your car.