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STLWare Uses Internet for Remotes

STLWare Uses Internet for Remotes

In response to the increase in LPFM stations making it to air, Ohio-based broadcast audio equipment supplier The Digital Juke Box says it has been asked by broadcasters – from LPFMs to larger commercial stations – to develop a way to get reliable station audio from the studio to the transmitter.
“STLWare will do just that with other features not found in conventional STL hardware systems,” said a company spokesperson. “Just add two modern computers and a broadband Internet connection at the studio and the transmitter, and you are in business. Imagine doing a live remote from 3,000 miles away. STLWare makes this possible.”
STLWare offers features such as the ability to start playing pre-recorded audio cuts should your station ever lose its Internet connection.
“You can have as many of these audio cuts that last as long as you wish,” added the spokesperson. “In other words, your air talent can record several four-hour audio cuts and your listeners won’t know it’s recorded.”
For more information, contact The Digital Juke Box in Steubenville, Ohio at (740) 282-SOFT (7638) or visit