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StreamGuys Adds Ogg Opus

First CDN to adopt the royalty-free codec

Content delivery network specialist StreamGuys has announced that it is making available as an optional codec, the newly developed Ogg Opus codec.

Ogg Opus is a royalty-free codec developed by the Internet Engineering Task Force. According to a release, Ogg Opus is a hybrid of the speech-oriented SILK and the low-latency music-oriented CELT codecs.

StreamGuys Director of Technology Eduardo Martinez said he expects Ogg Opus will initially attract radio broadcasters interested in cutting-edge formats and “Broadcasters don’t have to pay for the encoder or decoder since they are royalty-free.” He cites its ability to support a wide variety of bitrates as attractive for broadcasters concerned with bandwidth usage, while emphasizing the cost-free benefit.

“It’s a very compelling advanced audio option for broadcasters that want to improve the quality and delay of their online streams while keeping costs low.” 

StreamGuys will continue to offer other codecs such as MP3, HE-AAC and Ogg Vorbis.