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Stu Olds Memorial Fund Raises Money

Foundation raises $450,000+ for its cause

The Stu Olds Memorial Fund announced that it has raised about $450,000 to benefit the Broadcasters Foundation of America.

Clear Channel got the ball rolling with a hefty $250,000 donation.

The Memorial Fund commemorates the late CEO of Katz Media Group. It is part of the Broadcasters Foundation but raises money separately.

Olds was involved with the Broadcasters Foundation of America for many years. The foundation is devoted to aiding broadcasters and their families who have hit upon hard times.

Broadcasters Foundation of America President Jim Thompson said: “Broadcasters who knew and worked with Stu wanted a way to pay tribute … We are very grateful to Stu’s family for their support of the Memorial Fund as a way to continue his charitable work of helping broadcasters in need.”

Donations to the Memorial Fund are accepted at the Broadcasters Foundation website.