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Study Says Women Like Their In-Car Tech

Custom stream listening growth ‘probably flattening’

Some 12% of the 2,000 female commercial radio music listeners surveyed by Alan Burns & Associates have access to the Internet in the car; half of those use it daily.

When asked why they don’t listen to Internet streams in the car, about a quarter of the women surveyed said they don’t care enough to do it, 35.9% said they can’t get Internet access in their car and 30.5% said they like to listen to radio instead.

The results are part of the latest Burns survey of women listeners, “What Women Want 2012.”

Some 40 to 60% of all U.S. radio listening occurs in cars and when asked, 35% said Internet connectivity in the car would be part of the decision-making process when it comes to buying their next car, according to the findings.

Another headline from Burns findings concerns custom stream listening. While combined weekly and daily use of custom streams is up about 16% compared to last year, Burns says the growth pattern is probably flattening out. “We’ve seen higher growth rates in previous years,” he said during a Thursday webinar. In summary, women keep telling us they’re using more of everything for media, but at some point, they’ll hit a time limit. We need to make sure [what they drop] is not radio,” said Burns.

Burns plans to devote a session to the study at the upcoming Radio Show in Dallas, Sept. 19–21.