Syntrillium Announces Contest Winners

Syntrillium Announces Contest Winners
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Syntrillium Software has announced the winners for the online composition contest.

In the music category, first place went to "Too Blue" with Drew Daniels, producer, and Jimmy Guitar Smith, artist. Second place went to "My Way" with Marvin Hays, producer and Jamies Party, artist.

In the radio category, first place went to "Alt_Ctrl_X imaging" with Robert Ruggeri, engineer, and Kevin Ware, artist. Second place went to "102.5 KISS-FM Imaging" with Stephen Lawrence, engineer and artist.

First prize in each category was a Diamond Rio 500 personal MP3 player, while the second prize was a MXL 2001 mic from Marshall Electronics.

Radio judge John Pellegrini said, "The Spin Alt_Ctrl_X sweeper mix was one of the best examples of sweepers I've heard in a long time - well thought out, well produced and just plain well done!"

Music judge Audley Freed of the Black Crowes said of "Too blue" that "They did a good job setting the environment for the composition. You could really hear the air in the track."

To hear the winning entries and those awarded honorable mention, visit

Paul Cogan