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Talkers to Headline Radio Show Session

How do they succeed and make so much money?

Love it or hate it, talk radio is a key format for radio. To address some of talk radio’s potentials and pitfalls is a Super Session, “The Great Debate and How to Sell It.”

The two-part Super Session starts with a panel of four talk show hosts — Alan Colmes, Geraldo Rivera, Andy Dean and Jill Schlesinger, hosted by NTS MediaOnline Publisher Al Peterson. They’ll examine topics and subject matter popular on talk shows and why such material is popular.

The second part is under the guidance of Radio & Advertising Bureau President/CEO Erica Farber. She’ll talk with radio ad salesmen on how they succeed selling ads for talk radio stations and programs, despite never-ending complaints that the shows are divisive and controversial.

The Sept. 20 session is sponsored by Istook Live. The Radio Show is scheduled for Sept. 19–21 in Dallas.