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‘TED Radio Hour’ Kicks Off on NPR

First show is about the human brain

NPR has kicked off its association with the TED phenomenon.

TED is known for its annual conference where “leading thinkers and doers” talk for up to 18 minutes in presentations that are carried free on the nonprofit’s website.

The “TED Radio Hour” is a program co-produced by NPR and TED. Each episode is based on TED talks and explores a theme. It is hosted by Alison Stewart. Delta and Lexus are launch sponsors.

The first episode is “Our Buggy Brain”; it is airing now and available online, as a podcast and on NPR mobile apps. Guests are behavioral economist Dan Ariely, psychologist Paul Bloom and writer Dan Gilbert.

The producers promise, “Over the course of its first season, ‘TED Radio Hour’ will explore how ‘ideas worth spreading’ can turn the tide on issues confronting society, with talks about rethinking cities and urbanization, and connecting the dots between food production and sustainability.