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The Top 25 Radio Groups by Revenue

The Top 25 Radio Groups by Revenue

Clear Channel still sits atop the world of radio revenue. No surprise there. The latest figures from BIA Financial Network confirm the super-group’s dominance. Only CBS comes close, in second.
Issued Friday, the ranking of top radio groups shows Clear Channel with 1,171 stations and 2005 revenues in excess of $3.5 billion.

“Still, Clear Channel, the industry’s largest radio company, and the country’s other top 25 radio groups are not expected to experience revenue increases beyond 2.3 percent in 2006, even with small pockets of growth in several markets,” BIA stated.

Where might radio see above-average growth this year? The research firm lists Phoenix, Tulsa, Lafayette, La., Augusta, Ga. and Lake Charles, La.

On the flip side, markets with below-average outlooks include Wilkes-Barre, Pa., New Orleans and San Jose, Calif.

The top radio groups by revenue, rounded off:

Clear Channel, $3.53 billion
CBS Radio, $2.24 billion
Entercom, $486.4 million
Cox Radio, $483 million
Citadel/ABC, $417 million
Radio One, $389 million
Univision, $382 million
Cumulus, $313 million
Emmis, $297 million
Bonneville, $269 million
Cumulus, $264 million
Salem, $201 million
Greater Media $189 million
Spanish Broadcasting, $189 million
Lincoln Financial, $157 million
Beasley, $134 million
Saga, $134 million
Entravision, $105 million
Regent, $89.6 million
Journal, $81.3 million
NextMedia, $69.2 million
Inner City, $66.5 million
Sandusky, $63.8 million
Multicultural, $63.2 million