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TIA Peers to Dedicate TIA-322 to Ernie Jones

Group cites his work on gin pole standard, safety and engineering

A committee of the Telecommunications Industry Association will honor the late Ernie Jones by dedicating its pending TIA-322 standard.

Jones died in an accident in a tower elevator in Oklahoma Wednesday. He was 65.

“Ernie was an accomplished engineer and leader,” the TR-14 Committee leaders wrote. “Ernie has been a member of the TIA TR14 Committee for decades. He was a driving force in the development of the TIA-1019 Gin Pole Standard leading the research and technical developments it represented. He continued this work broadening the 1019 Standard to create TIA-1019-A which included safety, standardized construction nomenclature, established standard rigging plans and so much more. Yet again, he worked with NATE representatives and the TIA TR14 committee to improve 1019 to create ASSE 10.48 and the soon to be published TIA-322 which will eventually replace TIA-1019-A. His contributions to the TR14 committee research included details which created the strength theory incorporated into TIA-222-G.

“Just this month, the TIA TR14 Committee voted to approve his role as Task Group Leader charged with the final review TIA-322 while planning for the next revision. He was always willing to discuss safety, engineering and any aspect of the tower industry. As great as his engineering capabilities were, his greatest contributions were his willingness to engage with any party regarding all manners of topics (especially safety) and consistently maintain a high level of integrity, courtesy and respect. He is irreplaceable and will be missed.

“To honor Ernie’s contribution and life, the TIA TR14 committee will include a dedication to him in TIA-322 when it is published in 2016.”

The letter was signed by John R. Erichsen, Mark Malouf and Bryan Lanier.