Tieline Digital Matrix Router Expands i-Mix Capabilities

Tieline Digital Matrix Router Expands i-Mix Capabilities
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Tieline says its i-Mix Matrix Router changes the i-Mix from a simple mixer to a studio broadcast mixer with built-in codecs. The new digital matrix router permits a user to switch any i-Mix input to any onboard output.
The user can, for example, switch input 1 to headphone 1 left and input 2 to headphone 1 right for program and cue management; one can send inputs 2, 3 and 4 to the encoder only and leave inputs 1 and 5 as communications inputs that do not go to air. Any input can be allocated to any output.
The software makes live talkback possible via cell phone while simultaneously broadcasting live program over a POTS link back to the studio. It enables mix-minus to be created to separate the caller return audio from the main program mix.
The matrix software is optional at an additional fee. Info: www.tieline.com.