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Top Tech List (Including Transistor Radio)

Top Tech List (Including Transistor Radio)

What does a 1954 Regency radio have in common with an iPod? They’re both listed as among the top 50 coolest gadgets of the last 50 years by PC World.
“The Regency took radio out of the parlor and put it in your pocket. Jointly produced by Texas Instruments and TV accessory manufacturer IDEA, the TR-1 was the first consumer device to employ transistors,” PC World wrote. “The $50 item didn’t sell well — Sony did much better with a similar product a couple of years later — but it inspired a host of imitators, which in turn helped popularize a then-obscure genre of music known as rock and roll. If not for transistor radio, nobody would have been dancin’ in the streets.”
Also on the list: the Sony Walkman (1979), the Nintendo Game Boy (1989), the Polaroid Swinger (1965) and the iRobot Roomba Intelligent Floorvac (2002).