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Tower Hazard Guide Available

NATE, broadcasters, cellular operators combine input

The National Association of Tower Erectors has issued a first-of-its-kind Hazard Recognition Guide.

Designed for owners, operators and/or users of a tower site, the document entails industry standards, operating procedures, recognition of hazardous conditions, safety guidelines and OSHA guidelines.

NATE Chairman of the Board of Directors Jim Coleman stated: “Every responsible person on a tower site should have a working knowledge of safe operating procedures and be able to recognize hazardous situations.”

He added: “The employees of cellular, broadcast and other contractors have a role to play in the safety of the tower technicians working on and around the tower. The Hazard Recognition Guide provides them a resource to help them play that important role.”

The guide is free to anyone working in or affiliated with the industry. SBA Communications Corporation and Cellular South helped on the project.