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NATE Makes Tower Site Hazard Recognition Guide Available

Safety materials free to all involved

Designed specifically for the on-site personnel of carriers, broadcasters, owners, operators, general contractors and any others responsible for activities on a tower site, the National Association of Tower Erectors “Tower Site Hazard Recognition Guide” was developed to promote industry safety.

The educational materials include both an online and a print resource that serve as a step-by-step guide to recognize and effectively address hazardous situations. The guide can be found at on the organization’s website or There is no charge to access and utilize the guide for industry professionals, and interested visitors must only register.

Through a series of learning modules, personnel will recognize and mitigate hazardous situations and improve safety on-site while preventing and reducing the number of accidents.

It provides safety information and requirements, from ladder positioning to use of a gin pole, in addition to the cautionary “red flags” that it describes. The guide also lists sources for additional information like Occupational Safety and Health Administration references and guidance to other applicable NATE resources.

The organization says that education is key to improving safety and that it is the responsibility of all tower construction, maintenance, owners and operators to contribute to the safety of on-site personnel.