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Tractor Pulls, Anyone?

Tractor Pulls, Anyone?

The FCC fined Entercom’s KNDD(FM), Seattle $14,000 for apparently violating its indecency rules. The commission followed up on a complaint about comedy bits in the station’s morning program that ran in May and June. The bits involved discussions of whether men could pull objects of various weights from their penis – including studio equipment.
Entercom submitted transcripts and acknowledged the material broadcast contained references to sexual organs, but it said the material was not offensive.
The FCC disagreed, and said the anatomical features of a penis were discussed in explicit terms and that the material “appears to pander, or is used to titillate or shock”.
The FCC also disagreed with Entercom’s argument that discussion of male genitalia is common on radio and TV today both in erectile dysfunction advertising and in the aftermath of the sex scandal involving former President Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.
Entercom has 30 days to respond or pay the fine.