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TuneIn Offers Clickable World Map That Accesses Radio Stations

TuneIn Explorer was announced this week in conjunction with World Radio Day

The TuneIn live-streaming audio service has launched TuneIn Explorer. It is a clickable online map that allows listeners to easily discover live radio content from around the globe. 

Although similar to the Radio Garden clickable world map, TuneIn Explorer differs by presenting users with genre-specific quick-access buttons such as “Classical”, “Country”, and “Top 40s” (among others) across the top of its map page. As well, the radio broadcasters that are available through TuneIn Explorer are only drawn from TuneIn’s own catalog of stations.

A screengrab from the TuneIn explorer website.

This being said, TuneIn Explorer is an engaging, easy-to-see, and informative way for radio fans to learn more about the world’s astounding array of content formats and broadcast locations. It is worth mentioning on every radio station website.

“World Radio Day is a celebration of radio’s storied history, but also an opportunity to look ahead to a brighter future,” said Richard Stern, CEO of TuneIn. “Explorer showcases the tremendous skill of our global broadcast partners and gives listeners a powerful new way to experience everything the world of radio has to offer.”

TuneIn Explorer has been initially launched on  A mobile app is due to come out shortly. TuneIn says that it has more than 75 million monthly active users and distribution across 200 platforms and connected devices.

The company made the announcement in conjunction with this week’s World Radio Day on Feb. 13.

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