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TuneLink Auto for Android Is Shipping

Can be used in U.S., Canada, Australia and most of Europe

The universe of products to connect various consumer audio devices with various car sound systems continues to expand.

New Potato Technologies said its TuneLink Auto device and app for Android now are available.

The Tunelink in-car audio interface provides a wireless Bluetooth audio link between a consumer’s Android-based smart phone and the car’s audio system.

It’s on sale at and at some brick-and-mortar stores starting in mid-February for $99.99.

The Wilmington, N.C.-based company already has a TuneLink Auto device and app compatible with Apple iPhone, iPad and iTouch products.

TuneLink operates via Bluetooth over FM or connects to the Aux input. A free Android application downloaded into an Android cell phone controls the TuneLink device.

TuneLink plays stored or streaming audio content through the car’s sound system. The listener can use an Android device’s native music player or a third-party music app like Pandora.

Using Speedtune, users press a button within the TuneLink app to identify the station with the best FM playback based on location. The Speedtune FM database provides a “seamless FM transmitter experience” for users in the U.S., Canada, Australia and most of Europe, according to New Potato.