Two California Radio Industry Groups Merge

San Diego Radio Broadcasters Association members join the Southern California Broadcasters Association
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The Southern California Broadcasters Association says it is now the largest radio advocacy group in the United States.

Effective September Sept. 1, the San Diego Radio Broadcasters Association will merge its membership into the Southern California Broadcasters Association, bringing SCBA’s radio station membership to 168. This also means the SDRBA will become inactive.

“San Diego is a very dynamic market and having all of their 31 stations now represented by one association creates a more powerful and effective voice for all of our Southern California Radio members,” said SCBA President Thom Callahan in a press release.

In that release, SDRBA Chair Melissa Forrest was quoted saying the merger will keep the San Diego radio community relevant. “The board agreed that merging with the SCBA would be our best path forward to expand our influence and that of Southern California radio.”

The SCBA, founded in 1927, also considers itself the “longest continuously operating” radio advocacy association in the United States.


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