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UNICEF Bangladesh Recognizes Community Radio

Meena Awards celebrate stations that champion children

UNICEF Bangladesh has honored five community radio stations for championing child rights as part of the 10th annual Meena Media Awards, which are named after a regional cartoon character.

These stations are Radio Jhenuk 99.2 (first place for the under 18 category for an investigative report), Radio Pollikontho 99.2 (second prize for the over 18 category), Radio Bikrampur 99.2 (second for under 18 as well as third for over 18), Radio Mahananda 98.8 (second, creative media, over 18) and Radio Borendro 99.2 (first for the creative media category, under 18).

An eight-member panel of judges assessed each entry, and celebrities and local officials presented the awards at a ceremony in Dhaka.

The winning stations were also awarded Bangladeshi Taka 50,000 (approximately US $650); 25,000 (US $325); and 15,000 (US $195); as well as a crest and certificate.

Bangladesh nongovernmental organization Network for Radio and Communication has advocated for community media and other organizations with the government since 2000.

There are currently 14 community radio stations are on-air in Bangladesh, broadcasting programming on information, education, local entertainment and development. About one thousand women and youth are now working as rural broadcasters.