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UNICEF Names Meena Media Winners in Bangladesh

Four community radio stations honored for their contribution in promoting children’s issues in the media

During the 11th Meena Media Awards 2015 held in Bangladesh, UNICEF honored 45 media professionals for their outstanding contribution in promoting children’s issues in the media.

Among winners were four community radio stations — Radio Pollikontha, Radio Chilmari, Radio Jhenuk and Borendra Radio, receiving 13 of the 45 awards.

A total of 10 community radio stations submitted 49 programs, which highlighted important issues such as education, early marriage, suicide, drug addiction and its effects on family and society.

Of the 49 programs, 18 programs from five community radio stations were shortlisted.

The Meena Media Award was introduced by UNICEF in 2005 to “celebrate excellence in creative journalism in both print and broadcast outlets.” The award is named after Meena, a popular animation character in Bangladesh.