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VCS Provides Monitoring, Control for NDR

The solution is based on the VCS egmc² software framework

Public-service broadcaster Norddeutsche Rundfunk (NDR) tapped VCS for an integrated monitor and control system for its dira! automation system.

The solution is based on the VCS egmc² software framework, which is able to monitor, control and configure systems and workflows in critical installations.

NDR Info will be the first station in Hamburg to use the egmc²-based signal-failure monitoring setup. emgc² will not monitor the hardware and operating system for failures; special adaptors allow it to monitor the dira! system itself.

“In terms of the failure rate, we are on the safe side with the dira! system,” stated NDR Project Manager Martin Knop, “but there are still some factors of disturbance and operation phases that we would like to control within systems that have to be 100 percent available, like the storage space on our hard disks, for instance. This is the reason why we have chosen VCS to provide us with an adequate monitoring solution.”

The extensive system monitoring made possible by the combination of dira! and egmc² is expected to help identify potential problems before a fault occurs, enabling the NDR system in Hamburg to act preventive rather than to reactive solution.