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WDR Mobile Studio Links Lawo Consoles

1Live takes new mobile studio on maiden journey

WDR youth station 1Live put its new mobile studio to the test in its debut with a 10-hour live broadcast from “1Live — A Night in Essen.”

In addition to its standard programming, 1Live managed a series of live performances throughout the event, which were mixed with two Lawo crystal consoles in linked OB vans.

One of the Lawo consoles was used as a 16-fader on-air console with four output channels being fed music, jingles, pre-produced segments and soundbites from mAirList automation software.

The second, 12-fader console was used for line coordination between the OB vans, satellite uplink vehicles, reporters, etcs., as well as for the pre-mix. A digital audio workstation for edits and recording was attached to the second console, and the two boards were linked via MADI.

The mobile studio is prewired and designed for relatively quick setup (about four hours). It will be shared with WDR sister stations WDR 2, WDR 4, and Funkhaus Europa.