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WGMY Fine Cut

WGMY Fine Cut

And WSJM, Inc, licensee of WGMY(AM), South Haven, Mich. was fined $12,800 for failure to: have working tower lights, maintain required records, make required measurements or conduct required monitoring regarding EAS monitoring sources, or pass on EAS tests. The FCC initially had the Detroit Police Department confirm the tower light outage; the police notified the FAA, which informed the station. FCC field agents confirmed the lights were working several months later, but found other violations.
The station didn’t dispute the findings, but sought a reduced penalty because it fixed the problems and cited its past good compliance record. And it blamed its CE for not having an Antenna Structure Registration Number for its towers.
The agency knocked off $3,000 from the total penalty, agreeing that because the two towers are located at the same site, the registration error should count as a single violation, not two.
The commission also cut the remaining $16,000 penalty to $12,800 because of the licensee’s past good compliance record.