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WHUR Selects Harris, Dielectric

WHUR Selects Harris, Dielectric

WHUR begins broadcasting HD Radio signals with a Harris ZDD64HDC 28,000 watt solid-state FM digital broadcast transmitter using the Harris Dexstar HD Radio exciter. The station is using 4 Harris Z16 HD transmitters that are combined to get a TPO of 30 kW.
GM Jim Watkins, who rose from CE to his present position, told Radio World the station is also upgrading its antenna, studio automation, and studio console to make its entire air chain digital. WHUR is using low-level combining (Dielectric) to combine the analog and digital signals before they reach the new Dielectric side-mounted 6-bay panel antenna. The antenna sits atop a tower shared by WHUR, and Clear Channel-owned WASH(FM) and ABC-owned WRQX(FM). Watkins estimated the HD Radio portion of the upgrade cost approximately $100,000 and the rest of the improvements, still underway, add up to about $400,000.