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Workbench Tip of the Week

It’s creepy and it’s cool: The Big Dog.

Harry Bingaman’s always been fascinated by advancements made in robotics; a video at the Boston Dynamics site will blow you away.

Visit this site for an introduction to The Big Dog.

Isn’t electronics great? Even on ice, while the Big Dog slipped a little, it never fell down.

Can you imagine that computer running overtime to keep the Big Dog upright? And we think we have challenges with computers. Also browse that site for other videos.

Thanks, Harry, for sharing such a neat site. Harry is chief engineer for the Sunbury Broadcasting Corp. in Pennsylvania.

This tip is from the Sept. 10, 2008 issue. Radio World’s Workbench by John Bisset is an industry classic, one of radio’s most-admired, and most-copied, columns. Find out why in each issue. Find thousands of helpful tech tips for radio engineers and managers in the Workbench archives at our Web site. E-mail your own tips to [email protected]. Submissions qualify for SBE recertification credit.