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WorldCast Consulting Launches

New firm offers independent guidance and training services to broadcasters

The new technical consultancy WorldCast Consulting offers a full range of professional expertise, guidance, training and services to broadcasters worldwide, particularly in La Francophonie.

Despite having its origins in French equipment manufacturer WorldCast Systems, WorldCast Consulting is an independent company. “The true advantage that WorldCast Consulting offers is that, while we can draw upon the experience and knowledge of our colleagues within WorldCast Systems, we offer truly impartial advice and assistance to our customers,” stated Jean-François Correia, development director at WorldCast Consulting.

The consultancy specializes in three primary areas: content delivery over IP networks, transmission and transmitter commissioning, and monitoring and control of signals across a station’s coverage area. WorldCast Consulting has also established the Broadcast University, a series of training programs designed to offer engineering staff expertise and knowledge about best practices throughout the broadcast industry.