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WorldSpace Wins OK for Mobile Satellite Radio Services in Germany

Despite its current capital crunch, the company has high hopes for Europe.

WorldSpace Satellite Radio has won approval from regulators in Germany to use 12.5 MHz of spectrum in the L-band (1479.5–1492 MHz) to set up a terrestrial repeater network in that country.

These must be roller coaster times in the Silver Spring offices of WorldSpace, which has acknowledged it needs more capital before the end of this business quarter.

Just last week, the company put out word to the financial community that its independent public accounting firm had stated in its audit opinion for fiscal 2007 “doubt about the company’s ability to continue as a going concern based on its current financial resources.”

Despite its current capital crunch, the company has high hopes for Europe and wants to expand its existing satellite network to provide German consumers a subscription-based satellite radio service in automobiles. It expects to launch a German satellite service shortly after its planned service introduction in Italy next year.

The company said Germany is the third European nation to enable satellite radio in automobiles, and WorldSpace said it expects to snag more licenses in other countries soon. “The company continues to build solid momentum toward a pan-European mobile satellite radio service and has a plan to deliver its service to Germany, Italy and Switzerland with its existing in-orbit satellite network,” it stated.

Chairman/CEO Noah A. Samara said it is in “discussions with potential partners who have large commitments” in Euro markets.

It already has a repeater license in Switzerland; France meanwhile has approved deployment of the standard upon which the company’s technology is based for deployment in the L-band.