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Worm/Klez.E Tops ‘Dirty Dozen’ Viruses

Worm/Klez.E Tops 'Dirty Dozen' Viruses

A company that sells anti-virus software says the Worm/Klez.E virus was the most prevalent in July.
Central Command calls its monthly listing the “Dirty Dozen,” which are based on the number of virus occurrences confirmed by the company’s response team.
Other frequent worms in descending order of frequency are Sobig.E, BugBear.B, Sobig.A and C, Sircam.A and Ganda.
“After relinquishing the top spot over the past couple months, Worm/Klez.E once again regains the peak position,” said a company official. “What we have seen with Worm/Klez.E is unparalleled to any past Internet worm, as it continues to show extraordinary staying power.” It was the most prevalent virus according to Central Command’s tracking for 12 of the previous 15 monthly reports.

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