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WSJ: ‘Net Radio a Bigger Threat Than Satellite

WSJ: 'Net Radio a Bigger Threat Than Satellite

Internet radio is a much bigger competitor to terrestrial radio than satellite radio is at about 19 million weekly listeners to the former and roughly 3.4 million for the latter. The Wall Street Journal reports just three years ago, Internet radio had 11 million weekly listeners. All figures used are from Arbitron and Edison Media.
To keep things in perspective, 227 million people listen each week to terrestrial radio. The growth rate of Internet radio has caught the eye of traditional radio groups such as Clear Channel and Radio One. Clear Channel recently hired away an AOL radio executive to lead its web radio efforts and Radio One plans to simulcast some of its broadcasts online, its COO Mary Catherine Sneed tells the Journal.
Arbitron says most people listen to terrestrial radio in the car and to Internet radio in the office. That balance could change as home networking systems become more popular and as wireless Internet capability expands, cites the Journal.

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