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WTXR Fined $10,000 for Incomplete Public File

Student-run station tripped up during license renewal

Toccoa Falls College in Georgia is apparently on the hook for $10,000 for failing to keep all the required documentation in its public inspection file for WTXR(FM) in the town of the same name.

The issue came up when the station applied for its license renewal.

Noncommercial WTXR answered honestly on FCC Form 303-S when asked to certify whether the quarterly issues/program lists were in its public file. The station checked “no” on the certification and explained that while other parts of the file were up to date, it had no quarterly issues/program lists for the license period from March 30, 2006 to June 2012 and couldn’t recreate them.

Toccoa Falls College explained that record-keeping at the student station was not as meticulous as it is for the other Toccoa Falls College-licensed stations.

The college said the mistake was inadvertent and the station has started maintaining the lists.

In its decision this week the FCC said the fact that the mistake was not intended and that the college station has now begun to maintain the lists doesn’t excuse the violations, which it characterized as “extensive” since they spanned nearly five years.

However, the violations are not deemed serious enough to block license renewal; the commission said it would approve the renewal separately once this proceeding ends.

The college has 30 days to appeal or pay the fine.