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XM Canada Growing

XM Canada Growing

XM Canada says it has garnered about 44,000 paying subscribers since its November launch, with about 6,000 subscribers on a trial basis for a 50,000 total. Canadian press reports quote company CEO John Bitove made the announcement recently at a financial conference and added his goal of reaching 75,000 customers by the end of August. Retail sales have fueled growth so far as those who purchased GM Canada or Subaru Canada vehicles that contain XM Canada radios are still within trial subscription periods.
Sirius and XM would also like to have their receiver partners offer radios that can store digital music files, already available in this country, in Canada. Those radios could arrive in Canada in three months, according to Canadian press accounts.
Bitove would like to see XM Canada provide video services someday, reports The Globe and Mail, which adds that bandwidth availability on satellite feeds may be an issue. The satellite companies are only licensed to provide digital radio services in Canada currently.