Your Own Private Ticker Tape

Netpresenter calls it a way to reach employees quickly
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It might not qualify as a “broadcast” product but Netpresenter Newsfeed Server might be a useful item for many broadcasters.

Newsfeed Server is an internal information distribution application designed to run on computer monitors throughout a facility or within a company closed circuit/IP network. It operates something akin to a miniaturized digital signage program.

The scalable Newsfeed player can operate on individual computer screens and dedicated digital signage monitors — in full frame or small as a ticker running unobtrusively along the side of a monitor screen. Newsfeed Server can be programmed to deliver video, audio, RSS feeds, Web pages, info from databases or Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations and Flash movies. It will also automatically update material as it changes.

Frank Hoen, Netpresenter CEO said: “With Newsfeed Server effective internal communication does not have to cost any time at all. All the major news — from the Internet, internal Web site, Microsoft SharePoint portal and now also Excel files — can be automatically displayed on all large plasma and LCD screens, kiosks or PC screens. The ideal way to reach employees quickly, without interrupting the work process.”


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