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Zimbabwe Transitions Toward Digital

African country will be able to meet June 17 deadline to transition from analog to digital

Zimbabwe will meet the upcoming deadline from the International Telecommunications Union for transitioning from analog to digital broadcasting, according to the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe. The deadline was put in place in June 2006.

The Chinese company Huawei Technology would implement the digitization program, explained BAZ CEO Obert Muganyura during a media briefing. The reported cost is $125 million. NetOne will receive the datacasting license.

According to a release published by the Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA), Huawei will set up 30 digital transmitters as part of the compliance, as well as studio encoders and head-to-end and satellite links to safely meet the requirements to limit signal interface with neighboring countries after the switch from analog.

Zimbabwe is also planning to digitize existing television studios, content producers and analog radio stations, renew an FM radio transmission network, a Web TV system and an operational and regulatory monitoring system. This is scheduled to take place between July and December 2015.

The transition will also see the creation of HD television studios, five radio transmission studios, six digital content production facilities, satellite signal distribution, six national FM transmission networks as well as a conditional access system and subscriber management receiver control.