'Boss, I Think I Found the Problem'

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Engineers in our part of the country had to deal with the effects of the “derecho” storm that brought sharp winds and weather conditions that are unusual to the area.

“After Friday’s derecho swept through our area, I went to one transmitter site to see why I had lost the remote control phone line,” said Dale Cook, market chief engineer for Centennial Broadcasting in Roanoke and Lynchburg, Va., writing on the Radio-Tech listserv of Broadcast.net. “Here is what I found.”

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I emailed Dale to learn more. He told me the transmitter site affected is WZZU(FM), a Class B licensed to Lynchburg. The transmitter is on a mountain in southern Amherst County.

“We were able to get the tree removed today,” he wrote Tuesday, “and there appears to be no significant damage. This afternoon we got power back at the studios and the entire cluster is back in business.”

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