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LPFM Scenarios, in Detail

A note from Michi Eyre

Michi Eyre, founder of REC Networks, wrote to Radio World to comment on our recent article about the possible number of low-power FMs:

Your short article “How Many New LPFMs Might There Be?” leaves out some leaves out some significant research that was done by REC Networks on this subject.

Our SuperCoordinator program looked at several different scenarios (including LP-100 everywhere, like what is being proposed by the FCC) and was able to drop an LPFM station in as many places throughout the country. The SuperCoordinator study was the basis for our comments with the FCC supporting the re purposing of the LP-10 service as a 50 watt service.

You can access the interactive SuperCoordinator database at

Market counts can be found at

Our study as submitted to the FCC by market as well as by each community in “table of allotments” format is here in PDF: