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Trick or Treat

Smell Dan’s feet, give him something good to eat

This edition of Off the Beaten Path hits the chilly October night to hunt down some Halloween “treats.”

Daily Wave
This has been a favorite site of mine for years. It’s a collection of soundbites from movies and TV shows. When I’m compiling imaging pieces to produce fun liners, I often find good soundbites here. Search “Halloween” to get right to the best bites of the holiday. An excellent resource to bookmark if you or your production person does this sort of thing.

Halloween Net Radio
Here’s a fun site related to Halloween and those scary sounds that enhance the holiday.

Halloween Streamer
Here’s another spooky site.

Top 10 Halloween Songs
Billboard offers its choices of the best Halloween songs — from “The Monster Mash” to “Thriller.”

Old Radio Programs
And finally, here’s a link to some old-school radio programs. Plenty of fun here listening to radio in the days of “Theater of the Mind.”

And Finally …

Technology and Handicap Parking
How many times have you seen a car with a nonhandicap sticker taking a handicap parking spot? Here’s very cool technology from Russia that reminds people in an unusual whose spot they’re taking.

If you stumble across a good or unusual web site that might be of interest, please don’t hesitate to send me the link and any info you might have about it. My email address is [email protected].