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Inside the Dec. 9 2020 Issue of Radio World

Never-shy Del Colliano speaks, why WGBH dropped its “W”, Antoine on “Radio’s Second Century

In our latest issue, David Bialik comments on why CMAF HLS matters for radio streamers. Pam Johnston explains why WGBH in Boston dropped the “W” in its branding. David Antoine flips through the pages of “Radio’s Second Century,” a compilation of essays about radio. Jacob Daniluck offers hints on how to get the most out of your Tieline ViA codec. And group owner Gary Fisher relates how Equity Communications in New Jersey has reinvented itself thanks to the pandemic.

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On the Air

What’s the Right Tone on COVID-19?

For radio programmers, understanding attitudes can be a tricky business.

News Maker

No Soft Edges From Jerry Del Colliano

The newsletter author regularly dishes scorn on the actions of big commercial U.S. radio companies.

Also in this issue: