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Inside the August 1st Issue of RW

Have you ever considered selling or leasing your broadcast tower? If the thought has crossed your mind, Dave Dybas breaks down some of the potential pros and cons in a guest commentary. And don’t miss this month’s Buyer’s Guide, which focuses on audio transport/STL products. We also feature two articles that imagine what the user interface will look like in car dashboards of the future.


UX Clash in the Dash

Consulting firm Strategy Analytics recently surveyed consumers in six major countries about their use of audio infotainment sources in the car. We invited Roger Lanctot, associate director in the Global Automotive Practice, to comment about the study’s results and their implications.

Summer of Products

It’s new equipment season again! Radio World’s “Summer of Products” feature is all about new gear that has come onto the market in recent months, especially during spring convention season. Over several issues we feature equipment that caught our eye.