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AoIP for 2020

A new ebook from Radio World

Audio over IP technology has touched thousands of radio and audio facilities to date, and the AoIP landscape continues to evolve and grow. AoIP continues to have a huge presence at technical conferences and in discussions about new facility installations; and the subject is one of the most popular that Radio World has explored over the years.

Now, in a special double-size ebook, Radio World asks engineers, manufacturers and industry thought leaders about trends and best practices in AoIP for radio today.

What’s next in AoIP? How have these trends affected design of technical centers, rack rooms and control rooms? What standards issues or best practices have yet to be finalized? How do AES67 and AES70 complement various AoIP solutions? What is the status of efforts to create full interoperability and “discovery”?

The free ebook “AoIP for 2020” explores these questions. Read it here.